9 Things We Girls Do When We Spot A #CuteGuy

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12:00 pm 8 Sep, 2015

OH MY GOD! He’s so cute!

No  matter how much we girls cry foul, “No good guys on this planet!”, chances are we do spot one or two once in a while. So what do we do about it?

Here are 13 things we ALL do when we spot a cute guy .

1. Tweet about them!

Twitter is our hourly caffeine. How can this NOT go on twitter? Who knows #cuteguyalert starts trending and twitter might just end up playing cupid to our story? Just like HER.

2.  Find them on Facebook

I think the spying ability of a woman is highly under rated. We might not be able to physically stalk them but here Facebook comes to our rescue. If we spotted them in school or college or in a gym,we’ll have a clue. And most of the times, we eventually dig out the clue. So what if your’re my ex’s best friend’s cousin’s friend? I’ll reach out to you, Love!

3.  Best friend alert

These times when we just shoot a picture of this adorable guy and send it to our best friends. And then we’d go on and on about how perfect we would look together and how adorable our babies would be. Awww!

4.  Get our spies to work

Okay, if we fail to find them anywhere on Facebook, we still have our guy friends around. It’s a small world. Some way everyone knows someone. At least one of them would find him somewhere on a football pitch or a farmhouse party. We are pretty hopeful for that matter.


5. New day, new hope

So what if everything else fails. There’s a new day. We might just go back again – same place, same time. Who knows we may just bump into each other just like they show in the movies?

6. Make our boyfriends jealous

As ludicrous as that sounds, when we spot a cute guy we can’t stop raving about him; even if that’s to our boyfriend! We might do it unintentionally, but it’s fun to find something which can make our guys feel a little tinge of jealousy.

7. Wish and pray

We can just hopelessly wish and pray that he stalks us, spot us and just walks up to us. Tells us how adorably cute we are!

8. Make small talk

If the situation is favorable and we find him REALLY cute, we might unintentionally walk up to him and ask for directions or a maths problem. He should help us. And if he doesn’t, well, you  are not cute anymore.

9. Tell him!

He’s right in front of us and he’s too cute to stay mum about it. Well, let’s just tell him! Who doesn’t appreciate a cute compliment and an honest, upright woman?

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