The Curious Case Of ‘Snapdeal Employee Abduction’

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8:17 pm 13 Feb, 2016

The investigation into the abduction and release of 24-year-old Dipti Sarna, an employee of Snapdeal, is leading to a strange mystery.

Sarna went missing on February 10 night and returned home on February 12 morning. She said that four men who had abducted her 36 hours earlier released her and left her at a railway station.

Dipti, who works as company secretary with e-commerce giant Snapdeal, said she was allegedly whisked away from an auto rickshaw in Ghaziabad when she was coming back from work on February 10 evening.


Dipti with her family. ndtv

Ghaziabad Senior Superintendent of Police, Dharmendra Singh, said that they are not denying the statements of the girl, but they are carrying out the investigation for solid evidences.

Dipti said to the police that she was taken in an i-10 car and made to walk long distances. She also added that she was kept in the sugarcane field the next day before the abductors decided to leave her at suburban railway station near Narela.

Singh said that they could not reach to the conclusion whether the incident was with purely criminal intent or not. He said there are many things which are verifiable.

Talking about strange things that happened during the event, he said the abductors left her at a railway station and also made her walk 30-40 km. He said that these things are to be verified.

Dipti said that after coming back from her Gurgaon office on February 10, she shared an auto outside the Vaishali metro station. She said the auto broke down halfway at Mohan Nagar, forcing the passengers to board another auto to the old bus stand in Ghaziabad.

Her co-passengers were four men and one woman. She said minutes later, the men threatened the other woman with a knife and asked her to get off somewhere near the Hindon river, Dipti told the police.

While she was speaking with a friend in Bengaluru, her abductors snatched her bag and mobile. However, her friend heard the commotion and called his father that his daughter might be in danger. Dipti’s last mobile location was found near a secluded area leading to Raj Nagar Extension.

According to police, they found it very strange that the driver of the second auto got involved with the three other abductors.

The police official said that she was told that they wanted her to meet someone. An FIR has been filed at Sihani Gate police station under Section 364 (kidnapping in order to murder) of the IPC.

Dipti also told police that the abductors told her that they knew about the brand of chips she liked. The police said the people who took Dipti knew many things about her. “How did they know her and how did they know so many facts about her? We suspect the involvement of people close to her,” the official said.

On February 12 her family did not allow reporters to speak to her over the incident saying that she was “too tired.” She was also sent for a medical examination to the district hospital.

Avnish Gautam, station house officer at Sihani Gate police station said that she only agreed to external examination where no injuries were found.

Dipti’s family had said that the four men treated her well after the initial assault in the auto and put her on a Delhi-bound train, handing her a Rs 100 note.

Her family maintained that they had not received any ransom call from the “kidnappers” and had no idea who could be behind the incident.

Reportedly, she has also told the police that she does not want to press charges against the men, who allegedly kidnapped her. She also said that the miscreants fed her on time, took care of her and also left a gun with her at some point.

Snapdeal launched campaign #HelpFindDipti urging everyone via social media to help the authorities find Sarna.

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