Cristina Yang, The Ballsiest Cardiothoracic Surgeon Ever, Might Return To ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

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5:11 pm 21 Nov, 2016

The worldwide web is abuzz with rumors that ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ might bring back Cristina Yang — the ballsiest character it ever had.


Excellent at her job, Yang was uncompromising when it came to surgery. She let nothing and no one — not a boyfriend, a husband, or a pregnancy — get in the way of her dream. Some might think that ruthless, but there are those who found her ambition refreshingly honest. It was nice to see a female character whose life didn’t revolve around finding a man and making babies.

So many people were left disappointed when actress Sandra Oh left the cast of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ after season 10.

If rumors are to be believed, Oh might make a comeback when season 13 returns after the winter break. Here’s hoping!


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