Are Men Slowly Becoming The Forgotten Gender? This Woman Tells Us Why

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6:36 pm 21 Jul, 2015

In India, where patriarchal values are still deep-rooted, it is essential to empower women. But not at the cost of men. Yes, women are oppressed but men don’t have it easy either. The world may see every Indian woman as the victim and every Indian man as a criminal, but this is not always so. Deepika Bhardwaj throws light on how innocent men are implicated in false dowry cases, rape and domestic violence cases. Are men slowly becoming the forgotten gender?

Men are systemically abused and victimised by laws that were made for the protection of women, which in turn are coming out to be a tool of injustice to men.



Three years ago,  Deepika’s perception about crimes against men changed. Her close relative was accused of dowry and domestic violence when it was his wife who was cheating on him.



But, does that give a woman the right to ruin a family and a man? Syed Ahmed Makdoom, who just wanted to keep his family happy, committed suicide after being tired of fighting a false dowry case. Due to the false case, he was also separated from his beloved son.



He is not the only one. Another man committed suicide because he was abused by his wife. He was humiliated, taunted because he did not earn as much as his wife. He did not have any law for his protection. He could only file divorce.



We have been told that marriage is a beautiful bond but it might not always be so. Several men are falling victim to gender-biased laws in India. Many men and their families are either fighting or have succumbed to the most unexpected battle of their life.



IPC section 498A was made with a very noble intention of protecting women from cruelty at the hands of her husband and his family. But 30 years down the line, it is known as the most abused law in the history of India.



Men who have actually committed the crime under this law are a bare minimum. The law is misused more than it is used. So what happens if you are accused? Either pay up or keep on fighting the case for your whole life.



When a husband shouts at his wife, she can file a case. But if a wife shouts at a husband, there is nothing he can do. Delhi Commission of Women came out with startling statistics that out of the rape cases filed between April 2013 and July 2014, 53% were false!


Media never reports cases where men are falsely accused, and as a result, the societal perception hasn’t changed. Due to this, accused men have to suffer their entire life. People don’t understand suffering of people who are wrongly accused.



Why should you care? Because the judiciary is over burdened with false cases. Because if you are a woman, if your brother, son, father or cousin is accused of a crime that he has not committed, he will still be called guilty. Because the law is not meant for settling scores.



We support Deepika and demand ‘Justice for men’!

Watch full video here.


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