Country Before Self: Mohammad Shami Played Kolkata Test While His Daughter Was In The ICU

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6:08 pm 5 Oct, 2016

While cricketer Mohammad Shami was helping India reach the number one spot in Test ranking, his 14-month old daughter Aairah was reportedly in ICU, fighting to get better.


Shami, in the second Test match against New Zealand, played a pivotal role in India’s victory and claimed six wickets during the match.


While fans along with the team celebrated his feat at the Eden Gardens, little did they know what local boy Shami had given up to play.

India’s victory in Kolkata added many feats to their list as it not only took them to Number one spot in Test rankings but also gave them victory in their 250th Test at home.

Shami though only played the match for the love of his country and gave it his all to secure India’s victory.

According to various reports, Aairah was in the ICU for two days as she had a high fever and was having trouble breathing.

She was in one of Kolkata’s city hospitals for few days and the doctors had to move her to the ICU on Sunday, October 2.


Shami, who was playing the match at that time, was only informed about this at the end of day’s play after which he had rushed to the hospital.

But despite his personal tension, Shami chose to return to the field the next day so as to not to leave his team hanging mid-match.


Reports also say that Aairah was discharged from the hospital on October 3 and the news was conveyed to Shami at the end of the Test match.


Shami had married back in June 2014 and his wife Haseen Jahan gave birth to their daughter in July 2015.

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