Cricket Could Be Part Of 2024 Olympics, According To Italian Cricket Board Chief

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8:20 pm 1 Jul, 2016

According to ESPN, there is a strong possibility that India’s cricket might soon become part of the Olympics in 2024. Italian cricket board chief Simone Gambino said this:




Rome, along with Paris, Los Angeles and Budapest have bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics.

The city which wins the bid will have the golden opportunity to add any five sports to the Olympics provided they fall under the new regulations.

Cricket has already been played at Olympics level back in 1900.


Representational Image Scribble Live

Representational Image. Scribble Live

At that time Vélodrome de Vincennes hosted the Games, and there had been a solo cricket match between Great Britain and France.

Great Britain had defeated France by 158 runs and won Gold.

During the interview with ESPN, Gambino disclosed that if Rome does win the Olympic bid they will most likely host cricket matches in Bologna, where 2010’s World Cricket League-Division Four matches were held.

At present, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has not yet issued a statement on the same.

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