Court Asks Woman Seeking Alimony To Find A Job Instead Of Relying On Ex-Husband

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1:48 pm 24 Mar, 2016

A court recently ordered a woman, who is well-qualified, to make sincere efforts to find a job and not to put financial burden on her estranged husband.

District Judge Rekha Rani made the observation on a appeal filed by the man against paying Rs 12,000 per month to support his estranged wife who had an MSc gold medallist. The man also alleged that she wanted to sit idle.

The court said:

“The respondent (woman) admitted being more qualified than the appellant (man). She admitted to being able-bodied and having capacity to earn. As such, she cannot be allowed to sit idle at home to put financial burden on the appellant. Let her make sincere endeavour to find work.”


However, the woman argued that though she was better qualified, she never held a job as she was married young. Also, she has never travelled alone.

Further, she asked her estranged husband to go with her on job searches. The court observed the submission is neither palatable nor digestible.

The judge said:

“Both are coming to the court separately. If she can come to the court to fight litigation alone, she can go alone to search for a job as well.”

However, the man told the court he was willing to accompany her and assist her in whatever way she needed to find work. Also, he agreed to pay the maintenance for  year.


Court observed that woman can't put financial burden on man theweatherspace

Court observed that woman can’t put financial burden on man

Under the Indian legal system, a separation or divorce entitles a woman to maintenance from her spouse, in the form of financial support.


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