Fed Up With Interfering Nephew And Niece, A Newly-Wed Couple Burnt Them Alive

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4:04 pm 8 Jun, 2015

In a very shocking and horrific incident, a newly-married couple in Chhattisgarh allegedly burnt their niece and nephew alive because the children disturbed them often. The couple have been arrested and face murder charges, reports NDTV.

The children were burnt to death allegedly by their uncle Domain and aunt Malti, who tied the knot in February this year. Matli said:

“I disliked the children from the beginning, they made me miserable. Me and my husband had no privacy because of them, so I burnt them alive.”

Renuka (the children’s mother) had left with her mother-in-law to work at a stone quarry that day. In the afternoon, on returning home, she found the charred bodies of both her children.


The family is in a state of shock. The grandmother, Gangotri Ojha, said:

“I along with my elder daughter-in-law left for work in the morning. In the afternoon we saw the dead bodies of the children. My son is innocent but my younger daughter-in-law I suspect may be behind it.”


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