Coup Attempt To Overthrow Turkish President Erdogan; 60 Dead, India Issues Advisory

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9:34 am 16 Jul, 2016

An “act of treason” happened in the early hours of Saturday in Turkey as coup attempt led by a section of the Turkish army failed. The attempt, however, left behind 60 dead in a country where there has been a sudden rise in tensions over ethnic and liberal ethos.


People face tanks stationed before the Bosphorus Bridge.

People face tanks stationed before the Bosphorus Bridge.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who was reportedly holidaying somewhere along the Turkish coastal regions immediately flew to Istanbul.

He said that those involved in the attempt will be dealt with strongly. Before arriving at Istanbul airport, Erdogan urged the people of Turkey to come out in his support. They answered his call and thousands were seen waving Turkish flags on the streets signifying that they were against the coup attempt.




Erdogan said over FaceTime with the CNN Turk station that the action was “an attempt at an uprising by a minority within our armed forces”.

At least 42 people are reportedly dead including 17 police officers.


REUTERS/Tumay Berkin

REUTERS/Tumay Berkin

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said that over 120 people have been arrested for the attempt.

India issued an advisory a few hours ago.


US too recently issued a warning advising the people to stay indoors indicating that the situation in Turkey is far from normal as was been claimed by the President.


The attempt started late of Friday night (post-midnight India time) when the military closed off the Bosphorus Bridge. The bridge connects Turkey with the rest of Europe.

Later the Turkish Military announced that they had taken over the country. In their announcement they said tha all human rights will remain the same and foreign relations will continue.

The military however restricted the use of social media. Before dawn on Saturday, the military announced a nation-wide curfew.


Soldiers close the Bosphorus Bridge on the Turkish side.

Soldiers close the Bosphorus Bridge on the Turkish side.

Jets and military helicopters hovered over the capital city of Ankara. The helicopters reportedly opened fire at TURKSAT satellite station. The state-run television channel TRI went off air.

But the head of Turkish military said he was unaware of who plotted the coup. The Commander of Turkey’s ‘First Army’ division said that there is “nothing to worry about”.


A soldier checks a vehicle as policemen are taken away by the military.

A soldier checks a vehicle as policemen are taken away by the military.

It was Erdogan’s appeal to the people of Turkey that brought them out on the streets.

Across Ankara, people were seen braving the military personnel and tanks while marching in support of Erdogan’s leadership, who has been in power since 2003.

Erdogan’s government blamed US-based cleric Fateullah Gulen of being behind the coup. It should be noted here that Erdogan sees Gulen as his biggest rival.

In a statement, Gulen condemned the attempted Turkey coup and denounced the government’s attempt to tarnish his image.

“As someone who suffered under multiple military coups during the past five decades, it is especially insulting to be accused of having any link to such an attempt. I categorically deny such accusations.”

Reports say that jets bombed tanks that had positioned themselves before Ankara’s presidential palace.


It has been reported that soldiers who were holding the Bosphorus Bridge have surrendered to forces loyal to the government and the police.


Omar Celik, Turkey’s EU negotiator, tweeted these images of the condition of the parliament building after the coup bid was foiled.


At least 754 soldiers were detained, and 29 Colonels and 5 Generals removed from their posts. Turkey’s military chief, who was held hostage by the coup plotters, has been reportedly rescued.

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