6 Photographs Of A Convertible Bridge That Connects Denmark and Sweden

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5:00 pm 3 Nov, 2015

The Oresund has shown their amazing engineering skills with this marvelous creation that left people surprised with its design, beauty as well as utility!

This amazing bridge turns into a tunnel connecting Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmo, Sweden.



It looks as if it abruptly ends well before reaching dry land.



This bridge transitions into a tunnel and runs another two-and-a-half miles…



…before running nearly five miles to an artificial island as a cable-stayed bridge.



This double-track railway and motorway opened on July 1, 2000 and is an award-winning design.



The bridge, jointly operated by both countries, allows some 3.7 million people to live in one country and work in another.


Though it’s not cheap. A ten-trip card runs up 354 euro, or about 400 USD.

Credit: earthporm


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