8 Ways In Which Indians Live Very Contradictory Lives

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10:00 am 21 Jul, 2015

If there is one thing that truly unites India, it is the ability of her societies and individuals to be self contradictory to the point of ridiculousness! At any given point in time, we want opposites, as we will see through the article.

And this really is the basis for our historically significant tolerance. That we can see and appreciate points of view that can be diametrically opposite. Apart from that though, it leads to quite hilarious situations in daily life. Read on!

1. Clear big roads vs convenience of vendors

The one that got me thinking about these contradictions is this. While we crib for wider roads free of vendors whenever we sit in our fancy cars, we buy our weekly fresh produce and our chaat from these same guys we so hate and want off the roads in the first place!


Contradictory Indians

When was the last time you didn’t eat by the road? dnaindia

2. Independence vs familial support

Independence is the newest coolest idea that everyone wants to flaunt. We travel by ourselves, eat two minute noodles, clean our own rooms once in a year and give ourselves the badge of ultimate independence. But really, when push comes to shove, we go back to our families for advice, support, recommendations and hot roti sabji. Ah… soul food!


Contradictory Indians

We quite stick to family, don’t we? prokerala

3. Modern fashion vs traditional outlook

We all hinge our coolness on following the pack when it comes to fashion. Fashion is that weird entity that makes you feel individualistic and original about fitting in, about following the trend. But while we wear our uncomfortable heels and unseasonal blazers, we are still rooted to our traditions quite strongly.


Contradictory Indians

I am Indian, so marry , I will! dnaindia

4. Clean government vs bribing Hawaldar

Scam after scam and corruption charges make us decry our government for being unclean. We wish for cleaner governance, go to bi-annual protests for the same and generally wish our country was less corrupt. But if you are late to work and a hawaldar catches you for not wearing a helmet/seatbelt, it is only fair that we whip out a hundred rupee note, get our freedom and then wonder what makes the cops so corrupt.


Contradictory Indians

Money, contacts, tears, misuse is misuse. intoday

5. Socially conscious vs chhotu chai le ke aa

From environment to society, we are greatly attuned to the evils man creates. We donate generously to charities but are completely fine with the children working in and around our offices and homes. Child labour is not cool but we take better care of the chutki that works in our house. Littering is not okay, but there was no dustbin nearby. Breaking a signal is a crime, but we were getting late…


Contradictory Indians

As long as we ask Chotu whether he goes to school, our job is done. volunteerweekly

6. Patriotism vs foreign brands

We love India! But not enough that we will consciously make a choice of buying Indian brands and supporting the Indian economy. Of course we love some vague idea of India. But Indian goods, services and products fall below our expectations of ourselves. We like foreign goods, holiday destination, accents and people much better than we like our own.


Contradictory Indians

Because we wouldn’t have trusted random Indian actors. indiamart

7. Female foeticide vs female leaders

While India reels under major societal flaws that skews its gender balance, India is one of the very very few countries in the world that has consistently had female leaders. While America and Europe still need to have debates and discussions about even letting their women stand for elections, we have had a female Prime Minister, scores of female Chief Ministers and an equally robust amount of women leaders on ground.


Contradictory Indians

We don’t even mind women IPS officers giving us a rap. chandranipearls

8. Media hate vs media love

As our media gets more and more sensationalized, we are behaving in a way that makes our media more than happy. While TRPs are the objective of media, and no longer journalism, our erosion of trust with regards to the media allows it to be even more frivolous while keeping us entertained with what seems like news. While we understand that the media is biased, half baked and overly hyped, we still believe every word they say. Till they say the opposite.


Contradictory Indians

Everyone cribs about the show, everyone watches the show. Everyday. unrealtimes


Don’t you think Indians should pretty much make up their mind about what they want? Or is it actually helping us?


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