The Constable, Who Wrote The Original Chartbuster ‘Kaala Chashma’, Received Only 11K For It

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11:19 pm 12 Sep, 2016

Amrik Singh Sher wrote the much raved Punjabi song ”Kaala Chashma” back in the 90’s when he was 15-years-old. Today, he is a head constable in the Punjab police in Kapurthala and much ignored and forgotten for the composition which has become a super hit Hindi chartbuster.



However, Amrik was clueless about his song being featured in a Hindi movie. Four months back a recording company from Jalandhar had approached him to seek more of his written compositions. He was told that his song ”Kaala Chashma” will be used in Mumbai for a cement firm’s inauguration ceremony and was paid 11,ooo rupees for the same.

Considering the hefty money the song is making from ruling every possible chartbuster in the nation, an amount like that is too meagre.


Amrik’s song was first picked up by singer Amar Arshi, who sung it at an event in England. The song was so appreciated that an England-based company released it there, making it a popular chartbuster. Later, a Chandigarh-based company released it in Punjab and thereon making this song a historical one.



Even though Amrik has no grudges, it’s still unfair to not have given due credits to the writer. Amrik always wanted to make his village famous and if we notice the lyrics, we’d know how he has mentioned his village ”Talwandi Chaudhrian” in the composition. He also wanted to attend the launch of the song.

”Real fame comes when a song enters Bollywood and people go crazy about it. Punjabi song writers do not get their due. Being a writer here is not easy.I started writing songs because I wanted to become famous in my village. That dream has come true. But I wanted to make my village famous too, which could have been possible only if the makers had invited me. Hardly anyone even in Punjab knows that it’s my song.”


According to Hindustan Times, Gaurav Trehan, the owner of Catrack record company, has confirmed that the song was first released by their company in Punjab. Arshi, the singer, too confirmed that Shera was the lyricist, “He wrote the original song, and I was the one who sang the song in England. After that, it got famous.”

Bollywood very smoothly picks up regional hits and make them hits in the name of giving a better platform. However, the purpose remains pretty much defeated when due credits are missed out.




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