Is Congress’ Chance Of Winning Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election Grim?

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4:18 pm 30 Sep, 2016

Prashant Kishor is the man whose deft strategies brought to power Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a thumping majority at the centre and whose ideas defeated that very Modi wave in Bihar Assembly Elections.

He is now charged with carving a strategy for the Congress party in the upcoming Assembly Elections in Uttar Pradesh. But, according to a report, he is probably facing his toughest examination.

Catch News reports that Kishor has told Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi that he should forget any dreams he may be having of winning the UP Assembly Elections.

The report claims that Kishor informed the Gandhi scion in a confidential report which has surfaced. In that report, Kishor has pointed out where and what exactly is the Grand Old Party doing wrong in UP.

The biggest flaw, as is evident, is in leadership. The Congress has no local face for the state elections to unite the party behind.




Kishor has reportedly told the party that they are over-dependent on Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra – all three are national-level leaders.

Another problem is that ground-level workforce of the party is very low in numbers. There is no young leader, no local leader with a mass appeal, no plan in place in a caste-dominated state and the mood of Muslims.

Besides of all this, factions have divided the party.

The report says that Kishor is doing all he can to help Congress win at least 200 seats of the 404-seat assembly. The plan is to have as many as 20 young leaders in each constituency and have one local leader in every booth.

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