Muharram Rituals Near Navratri Celebrations Lead To Communal Clash In Vadodara

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5:00 pm 3 Oct, 2016

According to reports, Vadodara on October 2 faced communal tension in the city when people from two communities reportedly clashed during the coinciding Navratri celebrations and Muharram rituals.

The city of Vadodara, which is already considered a communally sensitive, faced further tension when during the Tazia procession a brick was hurled at the crowd.


The Tazia procession was being undertaken by few local Muslims near Koyali Faliya area of Fatehpura when stone-pelting ensued thus resulting in both the communities to clash into each other.

Looking at the sensitivity of the situation, several units of Vadodara Police were immediately called into the area so as to ease the situation.

“Locals claim that a miscreant hurled a brick at the procession and the misunderstanding led to a clash. However, due to prompt police action and heavy rains simultaneously, the crowds dispersed and the situation was brought under control.”

According to police, the incident took place around 10:30 pm at night and escalated as the Tazia procession was passing close to a Hindu neighbourhood.


The police further added that they are examining if this procession had sought police permission, if not, they could be booked for violating notifications.

They though made it clear that it was just a minor clash, not an adverse one.

“The city is peaceful as the police have brought the situation under control. It was not an adverse incident but a minor clash. We are analyzing the CCTV footage to identify the miscreants.”

For now, the area has been cordoned off in order to prevent escalation of the tension. An investigation into the matter has been initiated.

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