All Indians Must Know These 10 Commandments On Love

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7:30 pm 25 Jan, 2016

“Ishq aur mushq chupaye nahi chupta!”

Most of us are aware of this line and the famous love stories that are an important part of Indian history. But the truth we also know is that Indian culture disapproves love almost every time. If your parents are cool about your love life, then this society won’t let you live peacefully and vice versa. (16)

So, before you fall for ishq or apply mushq,here are few commandments you need to know:

1.  Do not disclose your love life to anyone.

Even if your parents accept your love life, they will ask you to keep your mouth shut about it. During your marriage, they will pretend as if everything has been arranged by them and they will ask you to do the same.


2. Do get your horoscope matched.

Kundlis are the obsession of every Indian mother. They just want every star and planet to be in the right place before you marry. Hence, way before falling in love, get your kundli matched as it can give you a really hard time while convincing your parents for marriage.


3. Your sexuality is a matter of national concern.

Guys you just cannot belong to LGBT community. “Yeh humari sanskriti ke khilaaf hai!” A girl should love a boy and vice versa. Else forget love, you will be behind bars instead.

No you cannot do this here in India!


4. Dating – are you serious?

No, dating is not done in India. You need to stick to one or none! Doesn’t matter if you don’t like the first person who came into your life, you just cannot disclose that to another. No one likes to be the second one.


5. Your parents should know about your love life.

Yes, it is necessary. You can hide you disease but not your love life from your parents. It’s a sin! Indian culture works on ‘Ask Daddy’ agenda. Even if you want to pee, ask you dad.

And be ready for their super dramatic dialogues:


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6. Don’t ever dare to kiss in public.

Public displays of affection will give you a free ticket to jail. Well, kissing here is punishable and pissing is not! Remember how celebs used to kiss in movies before Emraan Hashmi came as a culture breaker?.

And if you just couldn’t control yourself, then be ready for this:


7. Holding hands – how can you even think about it?

This is  another form of PDA that is also not allowed in India. People will stare at you, then they will see if the girl is wearing any of the marriage symbols (sindoor, mangasutra, etc.) and if they find out that you both are not married then be ready for free ka gyan or judgmental looks. (9)


8. Are you thinking about premarital sex?


9. If your love is inter-caste or religion – convert or forget it.

Society doesn’t accept love within the community itself. People face a very hard time when it is inter-caste or religion. Family rarely accepts but the only option they give you is to convert. In India it is really hard to stick to your religion and marry someone of another religion without asking them to change. Or just run away.


10. Love = marriage

If you are saying that you love someone, you just need to marry them ASAP. Families and friends start forcing you and hardly give you any time to think. Hence, think a hundred times before disclosing your relationship to them.



We just need to broaden our minds a little and then things will be easier to accept. Still expect that Indian society will change itself a bit soon towards love, relationships and marriages. It is a big need!


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