Twitter Hilariously Reacted To The Rumour That Coldplay Tickets Cost ₹25,000 – ₹5 Lakhs

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10:55 am 10 Sep, 2016


Yes, we all were excited with the rumours that they will be performing here in India this November. The good news is… reports confirmed all the rumours and they soon will be performing in Mumbai on November 19. Yaaaaay!


There are a few other rumours which have started taking rounds. The ticket prices for their concert range from 25 grand to 5 freaking lakhs!

According to the reports, you will be able to buy tickets on Book My Show from September 12 next week and prices start from Rs 25,000 to Rs 5 lakh a ticket.

This is insane and completely out of our pockets!

Well, the Coldplay fans lost their shit. Though the news hasn’t been officially confirmed but, silly memes and hilarious tweets started taking rounds over the internet!

Kapil shouldn’t have disclosed his income tax amount!


Coldplay tickets are almost equivalent to property rates in South Mumbai.


Burn your money instead of buying tickets.




Hahaha, this is the condition of many pockets!


Save your 1 Lakh!




And this is ‘Me’ after knowing the cost of Coldplay tickets:


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