Maharashtra Govt To Fund Pune College’s Second ISRO-Approved Satellite Project

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7:56 pm 27 Jun, 2016

Just days after students and faculty members of College of Engineering, Pune (CoEP) sent their first nano satellite, Swayam, into space, Maharashtra Education Minister Vinod Tawde congratulated the team and announced that the state government will finance their next satellite project.


Swayam was one of the two satellites made by students that was sent to space during ISRO’s multiple satellite launch mission which created history on June 22.


CoEP’s first satellite, Swayam is cube-shaped academic satellite which aims to establish end-to-end communication even in the remotest corners of the world.



CoEP’s satellite Swayam. CoEP

Talking about CoEP’s next project, Tawde said that for Swayam the students and faculty members had “burnt the midnight oil” and that their research work should not get affected by lack of funds.

He then went on to add that the state government will thus allot substantial funds for their next research projects which according to CoEP has already been approved by ISRO.



Maharashtra Education Minister Vinod Tawde with students of CoEP. Twitter

The college also disclosed that their second satellite will be powered by solar energy and would be three times the size of Swayam.

CoEP is an 162-year-old premier institute under an autonomous body of the Maharashtra government.

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