Want Booze In The Dry State Of Bihar? Use Code Word Jahangir, Ghafoor or Nepal

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6:29 pm 20 May, 2017

Even as Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and his government claims to have made the state of Bihar alcohol-free, reports suggest that illegal alcohol traders have come up with a unique way to provide booze to those who want it in the state.


Reports claim that illegal liquor traders have come up with various code words for liquor so that they can provide them to those who need it and in the process also keep their business running.

Few words that have been adopted by these traders are Jahangir, Ghafoor, chota syrup, bada syrup, and Nepal.

These words have been assigned to a particular brand of alcohol so as to convey information related to the kind of alcohol one needs.


According to Police demand for delivery of one-litre milk at home means that the customer has ordered for a large bottle of liquor and word Jahangir means he needs Indian made foreign liquor (IMFL).

“Apart from Jehangir, one can also have easy access to ‘Fakruddin’, code word for the banned codeine-based Corex cough syrup, which is widely used as intoxicant, at Jokihat, some 20 km from Araria,” – Police

Police also revealed that country-made liquor is called  “Ghafoor” and ‘Nepal’ is the code word for booze at Jogbani and Forbesganj

“Dial the number, and it will be delivered at your doorstep in maximum 20 minutes. All you need is to get your phone numbers registered with the suppliers use the correct code word.” – Police Source

Other code words used are ‘Fruity’ for IMFL tetrapacks, ‘chota syrup’ means a small bottle and ‘bada syrup’ means a large bottle.

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