Coco-Cola Issued Notice For Denying Woman A Romantic Date With Hrithik Roshan

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6:44 pm 20 Aug, 2015

She was only 19 when one of her biggest dreams came true. Winning a Coca-Cola contest in 2000 brought her the prospect of a romantic dinner with Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan, who was then the newest superstar. But, the date never happened.

An anguished Shikha Monga, a resident of Panchkula town in Haryana, sued the company for not keeping their promise, reports Hindustan Times.

She moved court and is demanding Rs.2.5 crore in damages. The contest  was a part of a promotional programme when Hrithik’s superhit debut film, ‘Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai’, was released.


Civil judge (senior division) KK Jain has issued a notice to Coca-Cola on Shikha’s 12-year-old application.

Coca-Cola has sought more time to file its reply. The case has been adjourned to August 24.

The court has also waived her litigation expenditure of Rs.2.43 lakh. The order said:

“It is duly proved on record that the applicant is not possessed of sufficient means to pay the court fee and she is indigent.”


In the suit she filed in 2003, Shikha said that she spent her pocket money buying Coke bottles for the first prize, which she won on May 22, 2000.

Instead of keeping its promise, the manager at Coca-Cola’s marketing office in Chandigarh’s Industrial Area offered her Rs.5 lakh, which she declined. She insisted on the dinner date with Hrithik but the company declined it. The company did not even respond to her letters which forced her to move the court.



Shikha, now 34, said:

“Everybody in college, friends and relatives used to ask me about my meeting and dinner with Hrithik. I lost my reputation and was labeled as a liar in the society and have no alternative but to file the suit for damages.”


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