Clint Eastwood Is A Perfect Role Model For The Average Joe In India. You Know Why?

12:46 am November 03, 2016

Much similar to him, an Indian Joe can spit anywhere. 

spit 1


Literally and figuratively ANYWHERE!



C’mon, he is obviously in love with bikes.



Despite being a Joe, you want to win your every bet. Don’t you?



Mo Cuishle! By heart our Joe is someone who actually cares.



Horse riding has always been on Joe’s wishlist.

horse riding


Venue ain’t a concern for Joe when it comes to make love.making love


Daru without chakhna? No way!



Taking pictures isn’t Joe’s hobby, but he loves capturing random moments that last forever.



Let’s take a break and fuck everyone who says smoking kills.



The Joes among us always long for the ‘uniform’ for it’s cute as hell.



The standard reaction whenever he feels like getting pissed off.

pissed off


A Joe really knows who the man in need is, and when to save his ass.

10 - man in need


Martin Luther King Jr. Joe: I have a dream.



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