Clean And Green: 10 Greenest Indian Cities To Live In

6:00 pm 14 Sep, 2014

Those of you who reside in the metros or in other bustling Indian cities, the idea of a “green city” may reverberate in your ears as a typical oxymoron. To put greenery and Indian cities in the same bracket would seem to be an atrocity of sorts, but, to proclaim all the big Indian cities as essentially being jammed by industries, skyscrapers, slums and an irritating and ever increasing count of vehicles would also be too much. In this list, we have found out and put down the names of some of the greenest and cleanest Indian cities for you. Take a look—

10. Chandigarh

One of the most planned and well engineered cities of India, everyone is aware of this city being “The Ever Green City of India”. Located in the foothills of the Shivalik range of the Himalayas, Chandigarh is unanimously regarded as the best planned city of India, whose architecture is renowned all over the world.

Greenest Indian cities To Live

9. Mysore

Situated in the mesmerizing lap of the Western Ghats, Mysore is known for its rich history and heritage. This 2nd largest city of Karnataka is even now as important a city as it used to be in the bygone eras, and owing to its strategic location and a great cultural heritage, it is also one of the well maintained cities of India.

Greenest Indian cities To Live

8. Surat

Unanimously referred to as the “third cleanest city of India”, Surat is one of the hustling and bustling commercial centers of the country. But even then, the Government of Gujarat and the citizens as well, have been able to keep it squeaky clean and properly maintained. The drainage system of the city needs to be applauded too.

Greenest Indian cities To Live

7. New Delhi

Yes, our National Capital too is regarded as one of the greenest and cleanest cities of India. In fact, out of the three statutory regions that come under Delhi, two—New Delhi Municipal Council and Delhi Cantonment—are regarded as the cleanest ones in India. After Lakshwadweep and Chandigarh, New Delhi has most of its area under tree cover.

Greenest Indian cities To Live

6. Thiruchirapally

One of the prime manufacturing locations in Tamil Nadu and home to some of the most well known heritage buildings and temples of India, Thiruchirapally is regarded as the green city of Tamil Nadu. The Kallanai river dam across the river Kaveri is the oldest surviving dam in the world, and is situated right at this auspicious and green place.

Greenest Indian cities To Live

5. Guwahati

One of the largest cities in north eastern India, and the gateway to the treasure trove of North East, this hustling bustling town located in the foot of the Khasi hills and on the bank of river Brahmaputra is indeed one of the greenest cities in India. Guwahati is also the residence of Kaziranga National Park famous for its rhinoceroses and distinctive flora.

Greenest Indian cities To Live

4. Bhubaneshwar

The temple city of India, Bhubaneshwar is one of the budding cities of India. However, this hasn’t kept this city of extraordinary architecture and a rich heritage from being one of the greenest and cleanest cities in India. And, in spite dating eras old, the capital of Odisha is also one of the most planned cities in India.

Greenest Indian cities To Live

3. Shimla

The summer capital for the British, Shimla is strategically located amidst the gorgeous, green Himalayas and is definitely one of the greenest cities the country has since generations. The Queen of Hills, Shimla has a rich flora and fauna, and that attracts millions of tourists from around the world in every tourist season.

Greenest Indian cities To Live

2. Dehradun

Dehradun has always been a posh, prim and proper city, and has been the address to few of the most well known schools and colleges of India. Needless to say, the city is one of the greenest and cleanest that India has. Besides, being located in the Himalayas, the city is also famous for the verdure mountains and the gushing waterfalls too.

Greenest Indian cities To Live

1. Jaipur

One of the most picturesque cities of India, Jaipur is also one of the greenest cities that India has. Besides being one of the oldest cities of India, the relatively newer part of the city is also very nicely planned and structured.

Greenest Indian cities To Live

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