The Different Classes Of Ships Used By The Indian Navy (Part IV)

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5:00 pm 14 Jul, 2015

Here is the part four of our list of the different classes of ships used by the Indian Navy. Remember, all ships mentioned here are in active service with the Indian Navy. We have not included ships that have been decommissioned or are yet to be commissioned.

Replenishment Ships

Deepak Class

1. INS Deepak

INS Deepak is a Deepak-class fleet tanker built by Fincantieri. It took part in India-Brazil-South Africa Maritime (IBSAMAR 111) during October 2012.


2. INS Shakti

A Deepak-class fleet tanker, INS Shakti deployed with other ships of the Eastern fleet overseas to exercise with other navies of the region from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand and Australia, as part of India’s Act East policy.


Jyoti Class

INS Jyoti

It is a replenishment oiler. Before INS Vikramaditya, Jyoti was the largest ship in the Indian Navy.


Aditya Class

INS Aditya

A replenishment and repair ship, INS Aditya was deployed to South Africa and took part in the 2nd IBSAMAR.


Support Ships

Lakshadweep Class

INS Lakshadweep

It is a hospital ship.


Astravahini Class


It is a torpedo recovery vessel.


Nireekshak Class

INS Nireekshak

INS Nireekshak is a diving support vessel of Indian Navy which can also function as interim submarine rescue vessel.


Sagardhwani Class

INS Sagardhwani

It is a marine acoustic research ship (MARS) owned by the Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory (NPOL), maintained and operated by the Indian Navy.


Sandhayak Class

They are a class of survey ships built by Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers (GRSE). Ships in its class are equipped with a range of surveying, navigational and communication systems.

1. INS Nirupak (J14)


2. INS Investigator (J15)


3. INS Jamuna (J16)


4. INS Sutlej (J17)


5. INS Sandhayak (J18)


6. INS Darshak (J20)

INS Darshak was used to investigate historically significant shipwrecks off the coast of Tamil Nadu.


7. INS Sarvekshak (J22)


Makar Class

INS Makar

Built indigenously by Alcock Ashdown Limited, INS Makar is tasked with undertaking hydrographic surveys for producing navigational charts and is capable of collecting marine environmental information by conducting limited oceanographic surveys.


Training Vessels

1. INS Tir


2. INS Varuna


3. INS Tarangini


4. INS Sudarshini


5. INS Mhadei


Gaj Class

1. INS Matanga

It is the lead ship of her class of tugboats.

2. INS Gaj

Commissioned in October 2002, INS Gaj is named after its ealier variant which was decommissioned in 1996.


Submarine Fleet

Chakra (Akula II) Class

INS Chakra

It is the lead vessel of its class of nuclear powered attack submarines.


Sindhughosh Class

Built under a contract between Rosvooruzhenie and the Ministry of Defence (India), Sindhughosh-class submarines are Kilo-class diesel-electric submarines.

1. INS Sindhughosh (S55)


2. INS Sindhudhvaj (S56)


3. INS Sindhuraj (S57)


4. INS Sindhuvir (S58)


5. INS Sindhuratna (S59)


6. INS Sindhukesari (S60)


7. INS Sindhukirti (S61)


8. INS Sindhuvijay (S62)


9. INS Sindhurashtra (S65)


Shishumar Class

Conventionally powered attack submarines of German origins, the vessels of this class are soon to be armed with Harpoon Block-II anti-ship missiles.

1. INS Shishumar (S44)


2. INS Shankush (S45)


3. INS Shalki (S46)


4. INS Shankul (S47)



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