Clashes In Varanasi Leads To Curfew For Few Hours And Schools Shut Down

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7:39 pm 6 Oct, 2015

At least 50 people were hurt in a clash in Varanasi when members of VHP and its affiliated groups got into a tussle with the police.

Following the clashes, curfew was imposed in the heart of the city, especially in prime locations such as Dashaswamedh Ghat, Kotwali Chowk, and Luxa.

The clashes took place on Monday evening when around 8,000 members of Hindu outfits, led by VHP began their march from the town hall ground to the Dashaswamedh Ghat in protest against the police lathi-charge that had taken place on September 22 during the immersion of Ganesha idols.


While the District Magistrate Rajmani Yadav withdrew the curfew late on Monday evening, all the schools and colleges in the city were told to remain closed on Tuesday so as to avoid any trouble.

Clashes had also occurred on September 22 after the administration had stopped the pageant from reaching the river with the idols.

The group was then told to take idols to another location with a large water tank and the processionists not linking the idea had sat on a dharna. The cops had then used force to remove the protestors, which in turn had resulted with at least a dozen people being injured.

On Monday, VHP activists had reached Godowlia chowk, when some people from among the protesters started throwing stones at the police, resulting in Police launching into a full-scale lathi charge, leaving nearly 50 people wounded.

The situation then got out of hand with a police outposts torched and several vehicles in the area damaged.




While the curfew was relaxed after few hours, Varanasi divisional commissioner Nitin Ramesh Gokarn said a constant vigil was being kept on the situation and social media was being monitored so that any attempt to fan trouble can be dealt with.

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