Varansi Jail’s Prisoners Seize Control Of Jail Barracks Following Clash With Guards

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7:31 pm 2 Apr, 2016

Varanasi’s district jail inmates have seized control of a section of the prison barracks after a clash with the guard and staffers at the jail.

It all started after a skirmish between a prison guard and an inmate. Soon, the inmates ganged up and attacked the guards and staff.

Several guards were assaulted by the prisoners and a senior jail official also sustained severe injuries.

In addition, a large police force has been deployed in and around the prison.

The inmates alleged that they get an extremely poor quality of food and have to often face the wrath of jail officials.


However, the officials said that allegations are wrong and the situation is under control.

Varanasi district jail has a capacity of 845 inmates but around 1600 inmates are lodged here.

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