Rakhi Sawant And Dolly Bindra Make CINTAA’s Amit Behl Publicly Apologize

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12:38 pm 28 Apr, 2016

The two drama queens beautifully played their turn and clean bowled CINTAA. Earlier this month, CINTAA passed a statement about sending a notice to Rakhi Sawant and Dolly Bindra due to their insensitive behavior towards Pratyusha Banerjee’s death.


The joint secretary of the Cine and TV Artists’ Association (CINTAA), television actor Amit Behl publicly apologized to actors Rakhi Sawant and Dolly Bindra for proposing a ban on them for their actions after the death of actress Pratyusha Banerjee. In the conference, while reading out a letter that he has sent to the committee, he said:



By the end of the conference, he also talked about handing in his resignation:

“In the next executive committee meeting, I’m going to tender my resignation. Whatever disciplinary action they feel they want to take, I will accept.”

CINTAA’s original statement was published in a leading entertainment supplement on April 13. To this, Rakhi Sawant gave an angry and threatening comment.


According to Indian Express, She also said that she won’t close the matter till Amit Behl publicly apologizes and makes up the damages.

She claimed that his comment has affected her career and that she is getting hate comments from the public. She threatened to commit suicide if Behl did not publicly accept his mistake. She wanted Amit Behl’s apology to be published in every entertainment medium.



On asking CINTAA, actor Sushant Singh, the general secretary, confirmed that the comment was Amit’s own and that CINTAA didn’t have any right to ban any TV actor or be “moral police”.

So basically, Amit Behl became a scapegoat. CINTAA kept quiet till people supported Amit Behl but when Rakhi Sawant threatened to sue them and commit suicide. CINTAA left their joint secretary to fight the battle on his own. Well, that is the entertainment industry for you or the reality of this world.


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