11 Ways To Choose The Wrong Person To Be Your Life Partner

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2:00 pm 2 Aug, 2015

1. Feel like it’s too late already

There’s nothing like pressurizing and scaring yourself about your age. Come on! You’re already 22…29…35!! If not now, then when?! Grab the first person who shows up.

2. Rush into marriage

Seriously, why wait? Getting to know someone takes time and effort; you know its way easier to just jump into something. Cross your fingers and hope for the best.

3. Let other people decide for you

After all, mummyji and daddyji have managed to survive life; they must know a thing or two. Even your interfering aunty next door has seen life, therefore, let her decide.

4. Don’t wait to be sure

If you think you like someone, that’s good enough. Don’t let doubt creep into your mind. Just tell yourself that this is the best that you’re going to get and go for it.

5. Join the bandwagon

Look, face the facts – everyone else is getting married or has already gotten married. Soon they’ll start having kids. If life is a race (and it is) then you’re getting left behind. Run!

6. Give up hope

All that rot about meeting your soul mate was fine some years ago, but you haven’t even met anyone halfway decent so just marry this person now and hope for the best.

7. Be impatient

As we have already established, life is rushing by; you don’t have the time to be picky or fussy! Soon you’ll have your first wrinkle – then who’ll want you!?

8. Don’t listen to your heart

Come on! Option A is nice but option B will give you a life of luxury/plenty of dowry/a brush with fame and fortune. Take the easy way out, will ya?

9. Leave it to the kundali

Face the facts, the position of heavenly planets when you were born is a much better indicator of how your life is going to turn out than anything you can think of.

10. Go for the good-looking

Just think of when you walk around with them – the stares you’ll get, the friends that will burn in jealousy, the members of the opposite sex who’ll pant after them…

11. Ignore the other’s personality

If he/she gets angry very often, is physically or mentally abusive, is unhelpful or downright cruel to you, then it is best to ignore it. After all, marriage will make things better.



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