A Chinese Publication Arrogantly Called India ‘Spoiled’ And ‘Smug’ Over NSG

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6:02 pm 28 Jun, 2016

After strongly opposing India’s Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) bid last week, China’s state-run media on June 28 defended its move by describing New Delhi “a bit smug” when it came to dealing with the international community.

What is more, they added that India failing to get into NSG was a result of Delhi’s being “spoiled” by the West.




The announcement comes in just days after China successfully obstructed India’s NSG bid which would have helped us in trade and transfer of nuclear technology.

The editorial in China’s Global Times claimed that it was “rules” and not China that prevented India’s NSG entry.



File Photo of PM Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping. NDTV

It also added that India’s  membership could not be granted because it has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), the main global arms pact.

The language of the editorial clearly showed that Beijing was not happy with the West getting close to India:



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