To Boost Morale Of Workers, China’s Companies Are Hiring ‘Programming Cheerleaders’

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2:06 pm 21 Aug, 2015

We know that Chinese workers are pretty efficient and hard working. Ask them to come up with a profitable idea and they will do it in a flash. They are known to build cutting-edge software, founding world-class companies, and, in their spare time, hacking a US website or two. But all those engineers and, well, many around the world, struggle with socialising. Also, they often get bored with the monotony of work, repetitive office talks and meeting the same people daily, which hampers their productivity.

Chinese – being Chinese – have come up with a unique solution to beat boredom at workplaces: hire programming cheerleaders.


Bizarre? Not according to China’s standard. Sexist? Yes.

Trending in China reports that Internet companies are hiring pretty young women as programming cheerleaders, who are paid to spend time in IT offices and are tasked with keeping morale high besides helping create a fun-filled work environment.

Their job includes buying breakfast for programmers, chit-chatting and playing ping-pong with them.


The HR of an Internet company which hired three such cheerleaders explained that:

Programmers’ are mostly male and terrible at socializing, and the presence of these girls have greatly improved their job efficiency and motivation.


While it’s still not clear if the trend will find widespread acceptance, engineers around the world might be watching out for future developments in their companies. But what is clear is that Chinese, like they do in their society, have made women a ‘toy for amusement’.

Well done, China!


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