India Tells Chinese Journalists To Leave Following Visa Expiry

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1:32 pm 24 Jul, 2016

Three Chinese journalists from China’s official Xinhua news agency have been asked to leave India following the expiration of their visas.

Reports say that the journalists have been asked to leave by July 31.

The scribes are: Wu Qiang, head of Xinhua’s New Delhi bureau, Lu Tang, head Mumbai bureau, and She Yonggang, a reporter based in Mumbai.


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Wu Qiang (left), head of Xinhua’s New Delhi bureau, and Lu Tang (right), head Mumbai bureau.

Reports say that their visas had expired earlier this year and on July 14, the government informed them of its decision.

But why did the government take this decision?

A TOI report says that the visa extension was turned down over “concerns” by intelligence agencies. The intelligence agencies had reportedly said that the journalists went to places they were not authorized to including restricted facilities under assumed names.

The Indian Government, however, states that Xinhua can send any other journalists in their place.

Media reports are linking the decision to China’s anti-India stance at the Nuclear Suppliers Group in June. Whatever be the reason for the decision, experts say it will worsen China-India ties.

Wu told The Hindu that the government gave “no explanation for the denial of visa renewal”. Wu has been working in India for past seven years. Tang and Yonggang were posted in Mumbai last year.

India says that the journalists were given four extensions because they wanted their successors to arrive. But the successors didn’t arrive for months and so India was forced to stop the extensions.

Some see this as “needless aggravation”. Mohan Guruswamy of Centre for Policy Alternatives and a China expert posted this:


Like Chinese journalists in India, Indian journalists too work for some of China’s leading English media houses including state-run.

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