China Openly Backs Pakistan After PM Modi’s ‘Mother Ship’ Remark At BRICS Summit

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6:27 pm 17 Oct, 2016

Just a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi called Pakistan a “mother ship of terrorism” at BRICS summit 2016, China has strongly defended Pakistan and called them their “all-weather ally”.

They further added that they are against linking any country or religion with terror and pleaded the world community to acknowledge Pakistan’s “great sacrifices”.

PM Modi on October 16 had given “sharp remarks” against Pakistan during BRICS Summit in Goa and said Islamabad was aiding and abetting terror groups opposed to India.


Indian Express

BRICS Summit 2016: PM Modi addresses the working meet. Indian Express

Answering Modi’s question, China’s spokesperson Hua Chunying had said China is opposed to linking any country to terrorism and “on counter-terrorism, China’s position is consistent.”

China’s spokesperson Hua Chunying.

She added that China opposes linking terrorism with any specific country or religion and believe that international concerted efforts are needed to ensure stability.

“We oppose terrorism in all forms and we believe that international concerted efforts are needed to ensure stability and security of all countries. We oppose linking terrorism with any specific ethnicity or religion. This is our long-standing position. China and Pakistan are all-weather friends.”

She then added that India and Pakistan are “all victims of terrorism”, and that Islamabad has made “great sacrifice” to combat terrorism and this needs to be recognised .

“As per the problem between India and Pakistan, both the two countries are close neighbours of China. We truly hope that they can resolve these differences in a peaceful way through dialogue and consultation.”

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