China Denies Blocking But Hints That India Should Sign NPT To Gain Entry Into NSG

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5:37 pm 18 May, 2016

Denying reports that they were blocking India’s entry into elite Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), China said that it will rather “work” with the NSG members and India to find a solution for India’s entry.

Talking about the issue, China’s Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, Liu Zhenmin said that the issue needs to be deliberated on among relevant parties and worked upon.


He said:

“I think, the membership of NSG is not a new issue. It has been an issue for many years. This should be sorted out together with the members of the NPT.”

Though he did say that China had no problem with India joining the NSG, he hinted that they should sign Nuclear Non- Proliferation Treaty (NPT) first.

“Members of the Nuclear Suppliers Group should be party to NPT. So, I think China will also work with others including Indian colleagues together to find a solution.”

India is not a party to Nuclear Proliferation Treaty, which is an international pact aimed at preventing the spread of nuclear weapons.

The (NPT), obligates the five acknowledged nuclear-weapon states, that is the United States, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, France and China, not to transfer nuclear weapons, other nuclear explosive devices, or their technology to any non-nuclear-weapon state.


India is a growing power and has the capacity to provide nuclear fuel – Thorium – which is the nuclear technology of the future, but has never signed the NPT pact as it maintains that it is discriminatory.

Also, signing it would put India in serious disadvantage with its neighbours Pakistan and China as they would either have to get rid of their nuclear weapons or else run the serious risk of facing crippling sanctions with regards to NTP.

Four of the five nuclear- weapon states (except China) has already approved of India’s entry into the elite group (NSG)  without signing the NTP.

If India does manage to get NSG membership without signing the NTP, it would give them a huge boost as NSG members control major commercial activities with regards to nuclear materials and technology transfer in the world.


Being an NSG member would thus mean India would be part of powerful group of countries which are either producers of fuel or are manufacturers of technologies.

Also India’s membership will give it the power to block Pakistan from becoming an NSG member as entry into the group is only possible through unanimous consensus.

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