Caught On Camera: Children Burnt With Hot Spoons In Telangana’s Orphanage

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4:51 pm 20 Apr, 2016

In a shocking incident, caretakers at a state-run orphanage in Telangana, burnt children with scalding hot spoon for not eating their food.


Seven children, who are all younger than five, were ‘punished’  by the caretakers. Though staff denied it, the incident was captured on the CCTV camera.

The five-year-old Geetha, who was burnt for ‘troubling’ her caretakers, still has big blisters on her hand.


Children at the orphanage NDTV

Children at the orphanage

Karimnagar Project director, Mohan Reddy, said some social workers who visited the home reported the matter. “Serious action will be taken,” he added.


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