A Three-Year-Old Faked Sleep To Escape Murder While Her Mother And Siblings Were Killed

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6:18 pm 22 Sep, 2015

In a brutal incident that happened in West Delhi, a three-year-old girl pretended to sleep and escaped murder while her mother and two siblings were killed at their home.

Her statement has been recorded by the police. The child, who is possibly the lone eyewitness, told police:

“I closed my eyes when they came. But I saw them.”

She added that she could identify the assailants. Referring to them as ‘chacha’, she indicated that they lived nearby and have visited their house in the past.

The girl used her fingers to indicate that there were three assailants.

Grieving relatives at the victims’ house The Hindu

Grieving relatives at the victims’ house
The Hindu

According to the police, the prime suspect is a neighbour who is learnt to have made unwanted advances in the past towards the mother of the child – 28-year-old woman named Shabnam.

Pushpendra Kumar, DCP (West), said:

“They possibly targeted only the woman and her two oldest children as they were afraid of being identified later. They must have believed that the youngest would not be able to identify them.”

It has been noted that the assailants seem to have also involved someone living inside the building as there were no signs of forced entry. The building houses around 30 residents.

A murder case has been registered.

However, locals alleging inaction by the police, pelted stones at police vehicles leaving at least 10 policemen injured. They also set two motorcycles ablaze.

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