10 Chic (And Quick) Hairstyles For Working Women

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12:00 pm 13 Jan, 2016

Have you been showing up at your office in a messy or not so attractive look? And the culprit is the morning bustle. Or you have been waking up too soon just to get that perfect look so that you can grab everyone’s attention at workplace? But not anymore. Here are some as easy as a pie super-swift hairdos that will certainly tharsh your morning hurries and give you a fresh appearance making all the heads in your office turn towards you. Just to capture a glimpse of your cool strands.


1. Ponytail with a twist

Dividing your ponytail into two sections, just hold on the left section and twist the right section. Now wrap the twisted section around the other one and your ponytail with a twist is done.


2. The fancy long ponytail

Divide your hair into an upper and a lower section making one ponytail in each. Let the upper ponytail be in sync and allow it to fall on the lower one. This will make your hair look even longer!


3. The one-sided bun

Make a one-sided ponytail and twist it into a bun. You can leave a few strands at the forehead untied to make it look more stylish!


4. The over-head bun

Make a high pony (actually a very high one) and wrap it up into a high bun that looks quite classy.


5. The braided bun

Tie your hair into a ponytail and now make a braid. Spin the finished braid into a trendy bun ideal for summers and busy days.


6. A low bun with a colorful band

Make a casual low bun and wrap a colorful band around it to get a transformed look out of the common and boring but the most effortless bun.


7. Braid wrapped ponytail

Divide your ponytail into two sections and make a braid with the left section. Now wrap this braid around the right ponytail section. A hairstyle that will stay all day is ready in two minutes!


8. The runway-ready low ponytail

Create a low ponytail leaving two sections of about 1.5 inches open from the front hair. Now wrap each section around the ponytail and fix with bobby pin. It didn’t even take two minutes!


9. The Bohemian braid

Make a loose low ponytail and tie small rubber bands after leaving about 2 inch-long sections. Now create a gap between the two bands, open a portion, and pull the ponytail inside out this section. Repeat a couple of times and be ready to see the amazing result!


10. The inter-twined low bun

Divide your hair into three sections with middle one being the thickest and the left and right sections being equal of about one inch. Make a low bun with the middle section. Now wrap the left section around the bun and fix with bobby-pin and so the same with the right section. Here you go!


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