Chetan Bhagat Announced The Release Date Of His New Book And Twitterati Already Reviewed It

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4:48 pm 3 Jul, 2016

I know how you felt when read the first part of the headline:



Sadly, it’s true, his new book will be his first novel written in the female first person. Well, I know not many girls adore his Hinglish style and with his last disaster ‘Half-girlfriend’, we would think THRICE before buying his books. Let’s not be TOO MEAN to him, he is not THAT bad, his earlier works like ‘2 States’ and ‘Five Point Someone’ were best-sellers for the right reasons.

Promoting his book seems just another mistake of his life, as nobody except his editors (who religiously correct his grammatical errors) care about his novel.


It seems that Twitterati have not forgiven him for his last book YET.


Female first person novel means??


Well, people:



Because his books are saving Arjun Kapoor’s career at least.


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