This Chennai Rapper Used Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ To Protest Against Unilever

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4:08 pm 1 Aug, 2015

Here’s Chennai-born rapper — Sofia Ashraf— whose rap video is going viral.

Her powerful video is in protest of Unilever dumping toxic waste in Kodaikanal for the last 14 years.

Using her rapping skills, she points out that Unilever set up a thermometer factory in Kodaikanal, where workers dumped their toxic waste in the local shrubbery.


In her video, she raps that prolonged exposure to the waste got many men killed and has resulted in children being born with serious illness.

Green Peace UK reports that Unilever has admitted to dumping of mercury in India and has promised to clean up the waste.


The video, which was set to Nicki Minaj’s chartbuster ‘Anaconda’, even got a tweet of appreciation from the pop dive herself.



Now that’s an amazing video with a powerful message!


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