Chennai Flood Victims Need Shelter And Food

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6:55 pm 4 Dec, 2015

The heaviest rainfall in more than a century has wreaked havoc in Chennai, leaving thousands of people to be rescued because of high water levels. No supply of electricity, cellular network, lack of food, fuel and other essential items, have caused a lot of misery to people in and around Chennai. Thousands have been rendered homeless, as rescue workers, including the army and navy look to move the displaced people to shelter homes.

Here are some steps that you can take on your end to offer them help:

Offer shelter

This Google document, ‘#ChennaiRains gives information to locate a shelter, occupancy and corresponding contact information and social media links.



You can go and update the Google doc if you are willing to provide shelter.

You can also add your details to ‘‘ that lists all the information on availability of shelters in the city.

Buy them a Zomato meal

Zomato has offered a ‘Meal for Flood relief’ delivery service for people stranded in the city. The programme is supported by seven famous city restaurants including Adyar Ananda Bhavan, Prems Graama Bhojanam, Kolapasi, Dindigul Thalappakati, Nawab Sheikh Biryani, Meat and Eat and Katti Roll.



A meal for two is priced at Rs 100 while a meal for four is priced at Rs 400. Both meals will be delivered in half an hour.



Zomato has also said that for every meal that is bought by anyone, the company will also contribute a meal from their side and ensure that it’s delivered to those in the flood-affected areas who need it the most.

Recharge your friend’s phone





Donate food items to the open kitchen


Fill this form in case you want to donate rice, dal, tamarind, salt or any other ingredients to open kitchens. b1




If you are Chennai resident then open up your home to stranded people using this form.





Report a flooded street

Click on this link to do it.


Use #ChennaiRainsHelp on Twitter to offer help


Use the hashtag #ChennaiRainsHelp to offer or request shelter or aid. Here are some tweets from this hashtag


Inform others about the list of verified doctors and hospitals available for help


Donate from your doorstep

Download the Lookup app, and donate things right from your doorstep, and letting them know your location. Lookup has partnered with Bhumi, India’s largest independent youth volunteer non-profit organisations for the relief efforts in Chennai.

Spread the word

You can also inform friends, family members, and others who may not be aware of the growing crisis, to help the affected people.




You can also volunteer to help cook and distribute food, provide first aid, join search-and-rescue teams, and perform other needed actions by filling out a form on the #ChennaiRains Resource Center site.


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