These 19 Things Will Lighten Your Mood And Make You Smile

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8:12 pm 23 Jun, 2015

1. A vast waterfall

2. A loving baby elephant

3. A pup that wants to play with you

4. A crowd that helped a wheelchair-bound youth crowd-surf

5. Good advice any day

6. Strangers who stopped to help a tear-gassed dog

7. A kitten who will swim through air to get to you

8. Sucking at pessimism

9. Viewing oceanic life

10. Friendly neighbors

11. Flowers in bloom

12. A man that rescued kittens from a flood in Cuttack City

13. A rainy evening walk

14. A college student who became a chair for a tired elderly lady

15. The beauty of a night sky

16. Two children who helped out a small puppy

17. An unexpected hug

18. A lesson from socks

19. Johann Sebastian Bach’s ‘Pachelbel’s Canon In D Major’

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