Cheating Wives Will Not Get Alimony, Rules Madras High Court

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1:49 pm 18 Aug, 2015

Taking a baby step towards gender equality in marriages, the Madras High Court ruled in favour of a husband whose ex-wife, who he was divorced from on the grounds of her committing adultery, was claiming alimony from him.

The verdict was given by Madras High Court judge Justice Nagamuthu, who, in his observation said:

“Just as a man has an obligation to maintain his divorced wife, the woman also has an obligation not to have illicit relationship with another man.”


He observed that just as a husband is obligated to pay alimony to his former wife, a woman, too, is entitled to get maintenance but only from the man she has a relationship with.


Justice Nagamuthu said:

“The divorcee would suffer disqualification from claiming maintenance if she had relationship with another man. She was entitled to get maintenance from the person with whom she had relationship and not from the ex-husband.”


While many would criticize the high court’s decision with regard to how women are often exploited by their husbands, looking at the current generation where both the partners are viewed as equal providers in a marriage, the move only seems apt with regards to equality between marital partners.


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