Charlie Hebdo’s Latest Cartoons Mock Aylan Kurdi’s Death And Attract Worldwide Criticism

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6:01 pm 16 Sep, 2015

French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has run into a controversy yet again, and this time it seems the backlash might just be much harsher than before.

The weekly magazine recently came out with two cartoons deriding the response of many countries to the Syrian refugee situation and made a mockery of Aylan Kurdi, the drowned Syrian boy.

The first cartoon depicts the harrowing photo of a dead Kurdi with an advertising billboard in the background which is shown offering two children’s meal menus for the price of one.

The cartoon is captioned: “So close to making it…”.


In the second cartoon, a man resembling Jesus is walking on water while a kid (apparently Krudi) shown drowning.

The French text reads: “Christians walk on water… Muslim children sink.”


The body of 3-year-old Syrian refugee, Aylan Krudi, washed ashore on a Turkish beach after he drowned along with his mother and older brother.

The picture of his dead body lying face down on a Turkish beach had made headlines around the world and had brought to light the plight of refugees.

Many came out on social network criticising the magazine for these cartoon, with hashtag — #JeNeSuisPasCharlie  that is ‘I Am Not Charlie’ even trending on Twitter at one point.


The magazine was the target of a deadly terror attack by Islamic militants in January this year for publishing controversial pictures of Prophet Mohammad.

Charlie Hebdo was struggling financially last year, with weekly sales as low as 30,000, but after the attack on their staff members this January, millions of copies were sold worldwide, with many buying the magazine to express support.

At that time the slogan “Je Suis Charlie”, or “I am Charlie” had resounded around the world.


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