Centre Wants Ban On ‘Inhuman’ Tradition Of Dalits Rolling On Brahim’s Leftovers

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7:07 pm 13 Sep, 2016

Urging Supreme Court to ban the 500-year-old tradition in which Dalits roll over food leftover by Brahmins, Centre called it ‘inhuman’.

HT reported that the social justice ministry called the practice inhuman and superstitious and said it affects human dignity and harms the health of those practising it.

According to the  defendants of the practice, the tradition help is curing skin diseases, solve marriage problems and infertility.

The tradition is followed in southern India in states like Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. However, in 2011, Karnataka High Court modified the practice and said that it is open to all,irrespective of caste or religion.




The Union ministry says the ritual cannot be shielded under the right to freedom of religion under the Constitution.

“These rituals may be voluntary but since human dignity and health of concerned persons is affected and are against constitutional value of justice, equality and human dignity, they ought not to be defended under Article 25 of the Constitution of India which relates to right to freedom of religion,” an affidavit by the Centre stated.


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