Censor Board Denies Clearance To A Gujarati Movie Because It Highlighted Patel Agitation

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7:15 pm 26 Jul, 2016

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) is taking its name way too seriously. So seriously, that it is not even censoring it but refusing to clear it altogether.

The Gujarati film ”Power of Patidar” has been denied clearance from the CBFC. The movie is based on Hardik Patel’s initiated violent agitation to get Patidar community in Gujarat a special reservation and status.

The maker of the movie, Mahesh Patel – a leading producer in Gujarati film industry, has been given reasons like usage of real names for characters like that of PM Modi and Gujarat CM Anandibhai Patel. The get-up of the actors including that for Anandibhai Patel’s role is also a cause of concern for the censor board.

In fact, CBFC is also not okay with the names of Hardik Patel and his leaders being used in the movie. ‘Patidar’ in the title and use of ‘Anamat Samiti’ word in the movie is also an issue of disagreement.

CBFC, how are the movies based on reality suppose to show reality without real names, characters and issues being shown?

What’s more upsetting is that CBFC did not put forward any demand cuts or censors but directly decided to dump it altogether.

Patel said:

“The censor board has told us orally that they are not giving clearance to the movie. No reason has been given to us (in writing) or no cut has been asked. It has summarily rejected the movie. I may challenge it in the court after getting the official letter stating reasons.”

A clearly miffed Patel claims that the entire episode is playing out due to Assembly polls next year. The government is not interested in letting any movie based on the agitation or Hardik Patel be released before the elections.


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