Salman, Shah Rukh And Celebrities Dominate Goat Market On Eid ul Adha

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5:48 pm 25 Sep, 2015

Trust Bollywood fans in India to find a way to make their favourite actors a part of Eid celebrations. So it is not surprising to see Salman and Shah Rukh Khan join the hoi polloi for Eid. But wait! Why are they bleating?

Fans in Uttar Pradesh have named two goats after Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, and have even put them up for sale. The well-built goat is named Salman and the dark-skinned one, Shah Rukh.

The goat owners have done it with the hope that it would woo customers.

But Salman and Shah Rukh are not the only celebrities on sale. Buyers also have other celebrity goats to choose from. One such goat is ‘Sania’, who is named after tennis ace ‘Sania Mirza’. And there is a 125-kg goat named Barfi, which was so named for its fondness for the sweetmeat. The prices of these ‘celebrity’ goats vary from anywhere between Rs.15,000 and Rs.1 lakh.

Besides celebrity goats that are in high demand, a category of goats with heavenly, spiritual and religious marks on them stand out. They are graded higher because of the marks on their body, like a goat with the mark of star and moon. The goat is priced at Rs.2 lakh. Another goat has ‘Allah’ inscribed on its coat and is priced at a staggering Rs.5 lakh.

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