15 Divine Photos Showing How People Celebrate Janmashtami

1. Students swing a baby dressed as child Krishna in a cradle at a school in Ahmedabad.



2. Kashmiri Hindus sing and dance to mark Janmashtami festival in Srinagar.



3. Spanish Castellers at a practice session in Thane, Mumbai.



4. School children dressed as Lord Krishna and Radha pose on the eve ofJanmashtami in Amritsar.



5. Indian performers, dressed as Lord Krishna and Radha celebrate Janmashtami in Allahabad.



6. Janmashtami celebrations at ISKCON Temple.



7. Krishna idols being sold in Belgaum on the eve of Janmashtami.



8. Indian children dressed as Hindu God Krishna in Guwahati.



9. Indian blind children at the Victoria School for the Blind in Mumbai, India.


JanmashtamiIndia1 (2)

10. Hindu devotees pay their respects to the idol of Hindu God Lord Krishna in Amritsar.


JanmashtamiIndia1 (9)

11. A Nepalese Hindu devotee throws rice to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna at Lalitpur, Kathmandu.


JanmashtamiIndia1 (11)

12. A Nepalese woman carries her child dressed as Krishna in Lalitpur, Nepal.


JanmashtamiIndia1 (20)

13. Devotees taking holy bath in River Yamuna in Mathura.



14. Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits the 500 year old Banyan Tree at Kantharpura, Gandhinagar.


JanmashtamiIndia1 (26)

15. Students during Janmashtami celebrations at an institute in Srinagar.



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