This CCTV Footage Of Attempted Kidnapping Of Manipuri Girl In Bengaluru Is Shocking

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6:01 pm 2 May, 2016

Just a few days ago, a horrific CCTV footage of a woman being kidnapped in Punjab’s Muktsar district shook the country. Now a similar CCTV footage has emerged but this time it is from Bengaluru – India’s IT city.

You see a woman being grabbed from behind and hoisted by an unidentified man who carries her outside the view of the camera.

The woman in the video is a 22-year-old Manipuri girl, who managed to escape her captor.


According to a report, the girl, who works at a beauty parlour, was just outside her paying guest accommodation in the Kathriguppe area of the city.

It is clearly visible in the video that a passerby did not heed her cry for help. The girl also confirmed to the police that others in the vicinity ignored her cries for help.

The incident happened on April 23.


In the Muktsar incident, the kidnapped woman was allegedly raped by her captor. While the kidnapping attempt failed in the Bengaluru incident, it nevertheless raises serious questions on security of women in IT city.


The only protectors, it appears, are the CCTV cameras.

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