CBSE Scraps Facility Of Re-Evaluation For Class 12 Students Answer Scripts

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9:36 pm 6 Oct, 2016

CBSE chairperson RK Chaturvedi on October 4 announced that CBSE from 2017 onward will do away with the process of re-evaluation of Class 12 exam papers and added that the students, including ones that would be sitting the board exams this session, will now not be able to get their answer sheets re-checked.

CBSE had introduced the new practice of re-evaluation in 2014, and announcement that CBSE is now scrapping it has got many teachers and students worried.

“Revaluation should stay even if there are few cases, as it helps students.” – Jyoti Arora, Principal, Mount Abu Public School.

To ease parents and students worry, the Central Board of Secondary Education’s governing body though made it clear that instead of re-evaluation, a new system would be put in a place so that “genuine cases” do get looked into.

“Students can put in an application at the regional office and a committee can be formed to look into the need for re-evaluation.” – RK Chaturvedi, CBSE chairperson

CBSE statement though indicates that a review would only be done sparingly and on case by case basis.

The process of re-evaluation allows students who are not satisfied with their scores to get the answer books re-examined and over the years many students have gotten higher marks after the second check.

CBSE officials though pointed out that the number of students applying for re-evaluation is only around 1.8% and added that the number of students who benefit from it is even smaller.


Thus keeping the above in mind, the CBSE decided to “do away with the system of re-evaluation” altogether.

Though few news reports claim that the main reason for the board to do away with this process was because CBSE was struggling to cope with the rise in the number of students asking for a re-evaluation.


The CBSE is the biggest school board in India and allowed re-evaluation in 10 subjects, including in mathematics, chemistry, physics and economics.

Around a million students appear for the CBSE board each year.

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