Why Candy Crush Saga Request Appears Downright Evil

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7:00 am 7 Sep, 2014

Lately we have started coming across the trend of playing games on our mobile phones and that happen to consume our days and nights. Be it Temple Run, Subway Surfer or the latest craze of playing Candy Crush, it suddenly appears that the world is a small place with almost each person doing the same thing, playing games. This addition has not even spared me and I know I am not the sole victim of it. However these games come along with a certain price, annoying notifications! What these requests does is to make us evil as we start cursing the ones who send us one request after the other. What goes in my mind might also replicate your feelings, so let’s have a look at our common reactions.

6. Spams Facebook timeline

The desperate request of lives pollutes your Facebook Timeline, and your actual posts are lost amidst these requests. Where once Facebook was a platform for socializing with friends, now it has become a medium to desperately ask for lives to play a GAME! It’s funny how the priority of life changes to ‘Give me a life to play’ from the earlier ‘Hi, How are you doing?

Why Candy Crush Saga Request Appears Downright Evil

5. Invitation not invited

Well, not many people happen to share the same interests as we do. So sending an invitation to play the game, when the person you have sent the request to is not interested, is utterly annoying. Not that you can’t block your settings from getting such unwanted messages, however, one wonders as to what they did that made the other person formulate a perception of interest in the game.

Why Candy Crush Saga Request Appears Downright Evil

4. Addiction

Once you start playing Candy Crush it gets addictive! It feeds on your mind and soul like a parasite and you are left doing nothing but wondering how to cross a certain level. So though sometimes the request might seem tempting and you might feel compelled to join the craze. Believe me, it’s worth ignoring and not worth the time you will spend dedicating yourself to it.

Why Candy Crush Saga Request Appears Downright Evil

3. I got work to do

When you are engrossed in your work and each corner of your brain is thinking on the task that needs to be completed before deadline, you find the notification pop out and disturb your concentration. There you end up struggling between, “Let me give that ‘level’ another try” to “I have work to do”. I am not sure if you are ready to sacrifice a fulfilling career for a game.

Why Candy Crush Saga Request Appears Downright Evil

2. Call for help again

It’s like you help once then the expectation increases. So, you might think paying heed to their need for once will stop the requests from bothering you. Well, you are pretty much mistaken carrying that opinion, your one step of help will open doors for more. You might as well think before clicking on the accept invitation button or any other game related requests.

Why Candy Crush Saga Request Appears Downright Evil

1. Instills Competition

Don’t you still carry the feeling of competition when your friend is a step ahead of you in any of the games? So, the minute you come to know that your friend is stuck at some level and asking for help, your devil side grins and invites you to start playing again to beat your friend. The requests or updates from these games do instill a competitive spirit, but a healthy one? You would better know of that.

Why Candy Crush Saga Request Appears Downright Evil

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