Jawans Will Finally Get Bullet Proof Jackets But Those Are Not Enough To Protect Them

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9:36 am 6 May, 2016

Did you know that our jawans who fight for us mostly do so without proper body armour to protect them from enemy bullets? That is the biggest reason why we lose our brave soldiers.

But the UPA government, which was too busy with its scams, hardly had the time for procuring bullet-proof jackets for the soldiers. Yet for 10 long years the soldiers kept doing their duty.


Soldiers during an operation. Note that they are not wearing proper body armour.

Soldiers during an operation. Note that they are not wearing proper body armour.

After a long drawn process, the Indian Army will be getting 50,000 bullet-proof jackets once a critical deal worth Rs.125 crore is inked.

But even then it will take six months for the jackets to reach our soldiers.




A deal for 1.86 lakh such jackets fell through last year because they failed to match the standards set by the Army.

The number of jackets previously needed was according to an estimate done in 2009. Today the number has shot up to around 3.5 lakh.

The army needs jackets that can withstand .30 caliber armour piercing bullets. In other words, the jackets should be able to protect the soldiers from light carbines and handheld guns that use such bullets.



It should be noted here that AK-47, a favourite of the terrorists, uses a comparable bullet against which the soldiers need protection.

The jackets that were presented before the Army previously could not protect the soldier from such bullets.

But according to NDTV, the jackets that the Army is demanding now too does not meet the standard. This shows how critical the need for the jackets has become.

The jackets might be provided to the Army by Tata Advanced Materials.


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