The Faulty Road Which Angered The DM Of Bulandshahr Has Been Stolen

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1:47 pm 14 Mar, 2015

Remember the Bulandshahr DM who took municipal officials to task for not doing their work properly?

Things must have been set right in her city after that, you assume.

Oh dear! How naïve of you to think of something so utopian!

News reports inform us that miscreants stole an entire 110-meter stretch of tiled pathway overnight around a busy part of the city.

It was one of the constructions which came under the scanner of District Magistrate B. Chandrakala for the poor quality of materials used in them.

The tiles were found to be of such shoddy quality that they shattered when hit against each other.

The investigation launched by the DM was getting delayed.

An FIR for theft has been filed and the contractor of the road is one of the suspects.

Till then…

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