A BSP MLA Abused A Professor On Teacher’s Day

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1:38 pm 6 Sep, 2016

On Teacher’s Day when the entire nation was honouring teachers, BSP MLA from Dimni (Morena) Balbir Singh Dandotiya reportedly verbally abused a professor.

He said, “E… Idhar Aa, Kaun Hai Tu? Main Tere Baap Ka Naukar Haun, Jo Tune Mera Nam Nahin bola” [Come here, who are you? Am I servant of your father because of which you have not called my name.]

Dandotiya was taking part in a smartphone distribution ceremony in a girl’s college. The ceremony was presided over by Professor J K Mishra.

In his welcome speech, Mishra took the names of Minister of Higher Education Jaibhan Singh Pawaiya and Health Minister Rustom singh, followed by that of other officials, but forgot to mention the name of Dandotiya.



This made Dandotiya very angry and he started hurling verbal abuses at Mishra.

However, Mishra quickly clarified that he forgot to mention his name and to pacify the MLA he asked 4-5 greeters to garland him.

According to Dandotiya, he got angry because he was asked to come by an invitation and this was an insult to him.

Minister of Higher Education Jaibhan Singh Pawaiya  dainikbhaskar

Minister of Higher Education Jaibhan Singh Pawaiya dainikbhaskar

Reportedly, no one objected to Dandotiya’s behaviour and instead other politicians justified him saying honorable should be placed before calling names of people’s representatives.

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